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EDM.com Spotlight

"I Took LSD When I Was Working on Return of the Jedi"

Phil Tippett, the man whose stop-motion animation brought many of the creatures of the original Star Wars trilogy to life, was recently profiled by Vice.

In the video, he talks about his experience with LSD, his battles with depression and anxiety, and the lifelong labor that his art has been.

I took LSD when I was working on Return of the Jedi. I could communicate with my cat, Brian. And Brian took me on a journey. I followed him to this cupboard, with Brian the cat, and we went to the center of the Earth, for like three billion years. And it was just in this world of molecules. And it was fine. It was like, very calming. And, so I decided to go back to work. And I was at ILM [Industrial Light and Magic], and I walked into like, the bluescreen stage. And it's like this huge… everything's just super illuminated bright blue. And it was just like, aaahhh… I took like, way too much.

By design, I've got depression and anxiety. And I didn't realize this until like, much later in my life. Maybe not more than a few years ago. Because I managed, ya know, what was going on in my brain by making stuff. And that was my therapy.

By the time you're getting to the end, it's like 'Fuck this! I hate this'. It's like being in a bad marriage. I really wanted everything… I don't even want to think about this anymore. And as you're getting towards the end of these things, it's just boring. Ya know, it's just like all these details that you have to do to get the stupid thing finished. And then you watch the thing, ya know, it was like watching it for the first time.

Seeing a such an influential and important creator speaking openly about his use of LSD is significant. While common (mis)conceptions about psychedelic drugs are generally informed by fear-mongering myths and half-truths put forth by governments and their War on Drugs, there is a new narrative slowly emerging in the voices of artists, entrepreneurs, and scientists. As more and more influential creative minds speak honestly about their use of psychedelics, we must confront the truth that these substances have had major positive impacts on the human race - and that much of what we've been told about them by our government is wrong.

Check out the full video from Vice below.

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