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The Best - and Craziest - New Years Eve Outfits

With New Years Eve tomorrow, we know there are a ton of EDM fans planning awesome outfits. Here are some the most creative, hottest, or just downright craziest outfits from past years at Decadence - the biggest New Years EDM event in America.

Discoball Man - the name really says it all

Photo: Westword

A well coordinated, furry squad

Photo: Westword

Matching custom painted CO flag jacket and kandi mask

Photo: Global Dance Facebook

While we're on kandi masks - this isn't a Colorado flag, but it might as well be

Photo: Global Dance Facebook

These two are classy as fuck

Photos: Westword and Westword

The contact lenses are such a nice touch

Photo: Global Dance Facebook

The original Lady Liberty might need to step her game up after seeing these two

Photo: Westword

His kandi game is only matched by his hair game.

Photo: Westword

Let's not forget, Decadence takes place in Denver. In December. We assume they had nice coats.

Photo: Global Dance Facebook


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