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EDM.com Spotlight

In Memory of Rave Star Guru Josh Who Passed Away Monday

We are sad to report that Paul Walden, known in the rave community as Guru Josh, passed away at age 51 in Ibiza on Monday, December 28th. The cause of death is unknown at this time.

Born on the island of Jersey off the coast of Normandy, France, Guru Josh was an active producer and DJ during the British post-acid house era and is most famous for his debut single "Infinity," which was released in 1989 on his own label imprint Infinity Records. He was also well known for his songs "Whose Law (Is It Anyway?)," "Freaky Dreamer," and "Holographic Dreams."

In addition to running a promotions company in Ibiza, Guru Josh also created a music video series Dance in Cyberspace under the monikers Dr. Devious and VR with several other collaborators.

Coincidentally, a new remix of "Infinity" was released just two weeks ago in honor of the hit song's 25th anniversary. Celebrate Guru Josh's life and impact on rave culture by listening to his original hit song as well as the new tropical house remix by Chav Fury below.

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