M.A.X & Lloyd - Hubble ft. IMAN

M.A.X & Lloyd & IMAN

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M.A.X & Lloyd & IMAN

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News by Staff Staff Shares Their Top 25 Tracks of 2015

This year we decided to take a different approach to presenting our favorite songs of 2015. Music is subjective, so the idea of trying to take an authoritative stance declaring the best tracks of the year feels a bit arrogant, and a bit silly. Instead, we've compiled unranked top 5 lists from some of our staff members. Rather than trying to tell you what tunes are the best, we're just going to tell you what tunes we love. And we'd love to see some of your top 5s in the comments!

Sean Flynn - Senior A&R - Artist Intelligence Agency

Jamie Lamberski - Senior News Editor -

Donavan Brown - A&R Future and Hip-Hop - Artist Intelligence Agency

Yousef Ezz - Social Media Manager -

Chris Cox - Senior Editor -



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