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Mr. ColliPark, Atom Pushers, DJ Wavy & Ying Yang Twins Release Unscensored 'Booty Bounce Pop' Music Video [NSFW]

The internet has seen a massive influx of booty-themed content recently, especially due to the release of Mr. ColliPark, Atom Pushers and DJ Wavy's aptly titled single, 'Booty Bounce Pop ft. Ying Yang Twins'.

From the "Queen of Twerk" Lexy Panterra's viral BBP dance routine, to the freshly-released (and NSFW) official music video, 'Booty Bounce Pop' has gotten asses shaking all over the world.

Featuring a cameo from Lexy Panterra herself, the twerk-tastic video is guaranteed to have your eyes glued to the screen. Don't take our word for it though, check out the official 'Booty Bounce Pop' music video below and see for yourself.

'Booty Bounce Pop' is now available in all major online retailers. Grab it on iTunes here.

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