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EDM.com Spotlight

See Why Madonna's Become a Fan of this Rising Star [VIDEO]

After Lexy Panterra's twerk freestyle for "Booty Bounce Pop" - the new single from The Ying Yang Twins, Mr. Collipark, Atom Pushers and DJ Wavy - went viral, it gained the attention of the queen of pop herself Madonna. Lexy took to Instagram yesterday posting a screenshot of a conversation with a mutual connection who reported that Madonna was showing off the video.

The minds behind the viral song decided to see how far this twerk can go, releasing an uncensored animated music video that will either have you laughing out loud or going on a tirade in the comments. The video combines South Park-inspired animation with a satirical portrayal of the Atlanta twerk scene. Tell us what you think. Head over to iTunes to snag your own copy of "Booty Bounce Pop."

See the best comments on the original twerk freestyle here.

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