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EDM.com Spotlight

Calling out Guetta - what's "wrong with the culture right now"

Mixmag recently interviewed turntablist, producer, and label boss DJ Craze, and he's got some tough love for the EDM scene.

DJ Craze is the only DJ to ever win the DMC World Championship 3 times in a row. So when he speaks about the state of DJing, folks listen. And yet with such an incredible resume, Craze is a humble guy - even when he calls out fake DJS it's not about building up his own ego or hating, just about speaking truth on a culture he loves. When asked if he got any Twitter beef or other responses from Hardwell, Steve Aoki, David Guetta, or Pauly D after calling them out on faking in his New Slaves routine, he responds:

Nah nah, same with Pauly D, same with Guetta. No one has. They've kept it quiet and let it pass. There's nothing you can say because it's true! I hope some of them understand that I'm a b-boy, I battle. That's what I did for the first half of my career. It's nothing personal; it's the b-boy flavour of it. People say 'do you hate these motherfuckers?' I'm like 'why would I hate them? I don't know them! I'm just calling out something that is wrong with the culture right now…'

Check out the mind blowing turntable routine:

He also chats about his experience touring with Kanye West, the label Slow Roast Records that he runs with Jake (Kill the Noise), and how drum and bass was his gateway drug into electronic music.

Read the full interview here:


And listen to Craze's mix with Four Color Zach, 2¢:

Photo: Daniel de las Casas

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