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EDM.com Spotlight

Musicians vs. Gun Violence - Deadmau5 and more [VIDEO]

This is a follow up to our recent editorial about how music and music education can be part of the solution to the gun violence epidemic:


Mass shootings in America have become a daily occurrence in America in 2015. DJs, producers, and rappers have all started speaking out, lending their voices in the fight against gun violence.

Deadmau5 took to Twitter on Thursday in response to the San Bernadino mass shooting, saying it felt "awkward" to be performing at the Game Awards in light of what had just happened nearby, and "we need to talk about gun control".

Of course his tweets brought backlash, as any public comment on the politically charged issue of gun control will do.

We applaud Joel's willingness to speak out on this, and while everyone might not agree with him, it's good to see well-know EDM artists making their voices heard on a subject that claims innocent lives on a daily basis.

A group of hip-hop artists recently collaborated on a music video and public awareness campaign, addressing the gun violence epidemic in the city of Chicago. Using the hashtag #PutTheGunsDown, The Twilite Tone featuring Common, King Louie, Lil Herb, Tree, Saba, Katie Got Bandz, NoName Gypsy, Nick Jr. & Mic Terror of Treated Crew created a powerful song and video, and invited other MCs and singers to add their own voices by creating additional verses which automatically play following the main video on their site: https://www.musicvsgunviolence.com/put-the-guns-down-video

This is not a soft bit of politically correct conscious hip-hop. It's a dark and raw piece of music, facing the tragic reality of gun violence and challenging musicians and music fans everywhere to take a stand against it. The video features frightening statistics of shootings in Chicago, images of memorial sites for victims, and images of victims' family members holding portraits of their lost loved ones.

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