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Genius Mashup Combines Star Wars with Legendary Hip Hop Album

Producers Solar Slim & Richie Branson must have been really feeling the Force when creating this mashup album. The two producers took music from one of the most influential rappers of all time - The Notorious B.I.G. - and combined it with the music of Star Wars.

The result was Life After Death Star, a play off of Biggie Small's second and final album Life After Death (1997), which was released just days after the rapper's murder. The album shot up to No. 1 on the US charts and became one of the few hip hop albums to be certified Diamond after selling over 10 million copies.

The crazy thing is - the mashup works out incredibly well! Listen for yourself; you'll be taken back by how well the titles and subjects of Biggie's tracks align with the tone of each piece of Star Wars music.


01. Intro (01:25)
02. Ten Crack Commandments (Star Wars Remix) (02:52)
03. Victory (Star Wars Remix) (04:43)
04. Long Kiss Goodnight (Star Wars Remix) (02:03)
05. Party 'N Bullshit (Star Wars Remix) (02:43)
06. Warning (Star Wars Remix) (03:07)
07. Niggas Bleed (Star Wars Remix) (05:16)
08. Suicidal Thoughts (Star Wars Remix) (03:21)
09. Dead Wrong (Star Wars Remix) (03:01)
10. Big Poppa (Star Wars Remix) (03:47)
11. Interlude (01:06)
12. Niggas (Star Wars Remix) (03:43)
13. Nasty Boy (Star Wars Remix) (02:17)
14. Kick In The Door (Star Wars Remix) (02:50)
15. Machine Gun Funk (Star Wars Remix) (03:13)
16. G's Perspective (Star Wars Remix) (01:57)

17. BK's Finest (Star Wars Remix) (03:51)

And just for fun...

The comment section of one blog featuring the album was too good not to share:

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