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Ambitious People are LSD 'Tripping' Their Way to Success

More and more start ups in San Francisco and beyond are turning to psychedelics. Now before you start envisioning business "trips" around Silicon Valley with drum circles and barefoot businessmen ditching their suits for sarongs, this experimentation with LSD and other psychedelics is not what you think. These professionals aren't actually tripping.

What they are doing is called microdosing, which is typically the ingestion of only about a tenth of a normal dose - say 10 micrograms of LSD or 0.2 grams of mushrooms. A microdose is like a pick-me-up for professionals. Rather than guzzling coffee or turning to energy drinks, professionals are finding microdoses help not only their productivity and focus but their creativity and innovation, as well. Professionals are actually reporting that it helps them approach problems and think in a way that they otherwise couldn't.

Founder and executive director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), Rick Doblin calls the microdose "subperceptual."

It's used "to feel a little bit of energy lift, a little bit of insight, but not so much that you are tripping," he told Rolling Stone.

The steadily increasing interest and participation in microdosing is believed to have originally been sparked by a study released in 2011. James Fadiman, author of The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide, published data that basically showed the practice to be a "an extremely healthy alternative to Adderall."

"It's like the coffee to wake up the mind-body connection. When I notice it is working, depending on the dosage, time seems to be slowing down a bit, everything seems covered with a layer of extra significance," Martijn Schirp told Live Science in an email.

In his interview with Rolling Stone, Fadiman recommended microdosing only every fourth day because regular microdosing can lead to issues such as depression, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome and other disorders.

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