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Watch Dubstep Fans Break a Nightclub [VIDEO]

Dubstep fans have a reputation for being a bit wild, but this is some of the most intense bass fueled madness we've seen.

Funtcase performed at District N9NE in Philadelphia on December 4th, and some rowdy fans literally tore the security barricades at the front of the stage down. Check out the video:

Venue security be like "We don't get paid enough to fuck with all that."

Hats off to the brave photographers up on stage just inches from that dancefloor/mosh-pit, including Michael Kaneff who captured this moment.

And even though his music obviously inspires some crazy behavior, Funtcase is a chill, humble dude, speaking his gratitude for all the fans that traveled to see him.

If you want more from Funtcase, check out this awesome letter he wrote to all of his fans:

Image: YouTube


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