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Here's What Diplo REALLY Thinks About the Grammys

After learning this morning that he was nominated for three Grammys, Thomas Wesley Pentz aka Diplo got with New York Times to talk about his hopes, disappointments and goals for this year's Grammys.

When he first heard the news that he was nominated for Producer of the Year and Best Dance Recording (with Skrillex and Bieber), Penz said he was just excited for the opportunity to try and throw the best after party and was pumped by the idea of studding out his Instagram and Snapchat. On a more serious note, he explained slight disappointment as well as excitement for the nominations.

"I just wish 'Lean On' got nominated. It had the most streams of the whole year — of any song ever existing in the history of music. But whatever, maybe next year. Our song doesn’t exist in any genre. We’re just an act that doesn’t make any sense for record or song of the year. We couldn’t even be nominated for reggae, because we’re just too weird. It doesn’t fit anywhere else, so we kind of cursed ourselves with a massive song. But I’m happy to have 'Where Are Ü Now' nominated."

Pentz points out that the Grammys of course "have to have [Taylor Swift] show up or no one’s going to tune [in]" and that they "kind of treat hip-hop like it's lucky to even be there." Even if Kendrick Lamar is a token hip hop nominee, though, Pentz was happy to see his nominations.

"I can’t tell if the Grammys have white guilt every year for giving white people the rap awards. Maybe they do. But Kendrick Lamar as an artist, I never expected his album to sound the way it did. I was confused at first, but loved it more than anything else after a month. It’s the album when Kendrick Lamar became the Kendrick Lamar that he was born to be. People don’t really concentrate on albums anymore — it’s a singles-based market for the last five or six years. But his album sounds like an album, front to finish."

He told NY Times that his ultimate dream is to win the Grammy for Producer of the Year, and that he wouldn't change the ballet even if he could. Pentz is in the running with producers Jeff Bhasker (Mark Ronson), Dave Cobb (Chris Stapleton), Larry Klein (Melody Gardot) and Blake Mills (Alabama Shakes).

"It looks pretty good the way it is — guys who made an impact in their own field and also made an impact in other people’s fields."

At the end of the day though, Pentz just wants to have a good time.

"...if don’t win, I’m going to be really depressed and stop making music. Whatever. I just want to go and just get my Snapchat popping that night and I’ll be happy."

Read Diplo's full interview with NY Times here: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/07/arts/music/diplo...

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