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17-Year-Old Reveals How He Came to Produce Bieber's Title Track

When Justin Bieber's new album Purpose dropped, all (EDM) eyes were on Skrillex, but there is another electronic dance music producer that worked on the record... and he's only 17.

Steve James, real name Steve Philibin, from Johnstown, Pennsylvania hasn't even graduated from high school yet, but he already has "co-producer of Bieber's 2015 title track" attached to his name.

A recent interview with LA Weekly, revealed more about the mysterious wunderkind. Steve came from a musical family and was classically trained on piano. After his siblings introduced him to dance music, he got his first computer before he was 13, began producing and hasn't stopped.

He started networking with bloggers and one of the first ones he met ended up becoming his manager. He played local shows but only to earn money for better equipment.

"My only real resource for getting my music out there at the beginning was the Internet," Steve told LA Weekly.

It was Steve's remix of Zhu's "Faded" that first landed him a little - well, a lot - of attention online.

Steve's lifestyle - even at his young age - had already been revolving around production for years, so it was a natural progression for him to literally move into a music studio out West so he could work on his productions around the clock.

"That’s not something I can do at home. If I’m still up when my parents get up they’re very disapproving," he said.

So the question still remains how the heck did he come to work with Bieber on his title track? Well, after getting noticed by The Chainsmokers and supporting them on some shows, things snowballed... quickly.

"I was working with Jeremy Snyder just on my own music, and one night he invited over Poo Bear, who wrote a lot of stuff for Bieber’s album. Poo Bear liked what I was working on, and when we got together later that week we made ‘Purpose.'"

Pretty crazy and certainly inspiring for all of those hardworking younger or older producers out there.

Check out the original music he's releasing with his new-found fame below. What do you think? Share your opinion in the Facebook comments.

Read Steve's full interview with LA Weekly: http://www.laweekly.com/music/steve-james-17-is-da...

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