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EDM.com Spotlight

Another Dubstep Christmas: The 2015 Johnson Family Light Show [VIDEO]

The Johnson Family Light Show is becoming a nationwide holiday (dubstep) tradition. The family has been turning their home into an elaborate dubstep light show since 2013, but this year they really went in.

Check out their light show which won ABC's The Great Christmas Light Fight. If you dig, check out the family's only request below...

"If you enjoy the show, would you consider donating to our 'Clean Water Challenge'? Any amount is appreciated! Our goal is to raise $10,000 during the 2015 Christmas season to build a well for a village in Africa. Clean water saves lives. One well will give clean water to over 300 people per day! Over 2,000 kids die every day due to water-borne diseases and we are asking for your help:

We have partnered with Living Water International. You can check the status of our campaign and donate here: http://www.water.cc/johnsonlightshow"

Mad props to The Johnson Family for being just plain awesome.

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