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EDM.com Spotlight

EDM Has a New Anti-War Anthem

The night of the Paris terror attacks, Terravita and Bare wrote a politically charged banger - Drop Bass Not Bombs.

We love seeing EDM artists lend their voices to important movements and social causes, and this track does it brilliantly. This is no "Imagine". It's not a gentle, soothing plea for peace. It's a brutal dubstep/trap/hip-hop hybrid that calls out hypocrisy, intolerance, and the apathy that stops people from fighting for peace.

"We wrote this with Bare the night of the Paris attacks. In dark times like the ones that we live in, artists have the responsibility to try and make a difference through their music or at least via their social voice. It’s important that we not only remember to be peaceful, unified, loving and respectful, and emanate positivity beyond our particular scenes and into the world around us. Our scene is large enough that we can actually make a difference globally through our positivity, love and light”.

The track is currently a free download via Terravita's Soundcloud, but when it goes up for sale on Beatport, iTunes, and other retailers, all of proceeds will go to the French Red Cross to help victims of the Paris attacks. Check it out below.

Image: Firepower Recordings

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