Ever since deadmau5 released images of his basement modular synthesizer barracks, the question on everyone's mind has been, "when do we get to hear them on a track?" Despite the fact that the Canadian producer has always been a fan of analog sounds, the excitement around these new toys has synth-nerds and music fans alike salivating. 

The time has finally come. In a non-music related video interview with The Verge, deadmau5 dropped a new track called "Glish." This one is a glitch heavy breakbeat tune with all of the analog warmth you can handle. "Glish" doesn't necessarily define a new direction for deadmau5, other than the direction of experimentation. 

You can stream the track for free below:

Oh, and if you are a drone hobbyist, you can check out deadmau5's collection in the video interview:

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