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New Map Shows Favorite Artists by State

In 2014, a "favorite artists by state" map made its rounds on the internet. However, the map wasn't named correctly. Instead of depicting each state's favorite artist, as it claimed, it showed "an artist that each state listened to disproportionately more than other states." For this reason, a new map has been released. While the original map shows an interesting demographic, the updated version is drastically different.

Music Machinery gathered data for a map of the most-played artist in each state, based on music streaming data available through The Echo Nest. This time around, the map showed the most played artist in each state. Jay-Z dominates most of the eastern states, and Drake prevails in many southwestern states. Daft Punk doesn't have quite a regional monopolization but covers an interesting mix of California, Oregon, Minnesota, and Massachusetts. 

Check out the two versions of the map below:

Original Map
New Map

[H/T: Vox]

Cover photo via My Music Store

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