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Tomorrowworld Owners Ranks In The Top 10 Most Innovative Music Companies

The powerful enterprise magazine, Fast Company, ranked 2015's most innovative music companies, and the list suggests EDM has made quite an impact. Ten national companies are illuminated for their artistry ethics and inventive strategies in 2015. The results highlight the scope of companies with a culture of creativity, revolutionary business models, groundbreaking music-related marketing techniques and resourceful fundamentals.

New York-based analytical company Next Big Sound topped the list, praised for collecting data and predicting an artist’s success. High standing in second is Beyoncé's in-house management firm, Parkwood Entertainment. The company is often applauded for its unconventional album release ideas. At No. 3 is streaming-service Deezer, followed by Bop.fm for surpassing ordinary confinements in the listening experience.

Among other honorees, Ticketfly is recognized at No. 5 for enhancing the concert-going process, proceeding with wireless speaker system Sonos, and electronic music events hub SFX Entertainment, which owns Tomorrowworld, Tomorrowland, Beatport, Life In Color, Electric Zoo and many more. The top ten mentions are rounded off with Third Man Records, Spotify and PledgeMusic.

Fast Company's 10 Most Innovative Music Companies Of 2015:  

1. Next Big Sound  
2. Parkwood Entertainment  
3. Deezer  
4. Bop.fm  
5. Ticketfly  
6. Sonos  
7. SFX  
8. Third Man Records  
9. Spotify  
10. PledgeMusic

[H/T: Fast Company

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