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Armin van Buuren Resurrects 'Rising Star' Alias

Aliases confuse a great number of EDM listeners, with some artists juggling up to three different producer names at a time. From Clockwork producing as RL Grime to Feed Me moonlighting as Spor, the who's who of producer names grows more complicated by the day. Things get even more complicated when big-time musicians reintroduce older aliases which were thought to be forever retired, which has happened with Armin van Buuren as he tours A State of Trance 700. Armin and his team used social media to hint at the return of his Rising Star alias, an alter ego that Armin has not released music under since 2002. 

As Armin solidified his traditional name, Rising Star faded to obscurity. In a what appears to be a new ASOT tradition of bringing back aliases, Armin has brought Rising Star back to the forefront of his music. Armin announced during an ASOT recording that the Rising Star track would be called "Safe Inside You" and feature vocalist Betsie Larkin. The track will release on Armin's A State of Trance 2015 compilation album, which will be available for purchase starting March 27. The compilation will feature 26 tracks from GaiaGareth EmeryAly & Fila and many more.

Listen to "Safe Inside You" below:

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