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EDM.com Spotlight

Diplo Lashes Out After Being Accused Of Theft

Diplo responded to complaints on Twitter made by Brooklyn cartoonist Rebecca Mock that he used a GIF of hers in a promotional video posted to his Instagram. The Mad Decent founder wrote in a name credit on the Instagram post but responded with inflammatory remarks after the complaints continued.

Diplo deleted most of the tweets from the exchange, although screen captures of many are still circulating around social media. One in particular read, “how about u open wide your mouth and massage my balls with your tonsils..also your blocked.”


The incident does not stand out as the only time Diplo has come under fire for using another artist’s intellectual property without proper credit or made misogynistic remarks on social media, but it does mark the first time he’s managed to do both at the same time. The rest of Mock's work can be found at her website.

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