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EDM.com Spotlight

Korean Group 4Minute Accused Of Plagiarizing Knife Party

A Korean blogger has drawn parallels between 4Minute's song “Crazy” and Australian electro duo Knife Party’s track “Boss Mode.” The speculation questions the originality of the Korean pop group. The blogger, identified by the internet handle Lineage135, suggests that “the song was sampled with 4Minute’s vocals on top.”

The heartfelt post read, “Many people who are not familiar with EDM may listen to songs and say, ‘Don’t club music all sound the same?’ But the truth is EDM artists spend anywhere from days to years to create their own original sounds to use in their songs.”

Lineage135 went on to cite the clearest instance of plagiarism at :50 in “Crazy,” which he claimed sounded undeniably similar to a change at 1:30 of “Boss Mode.”

Knife Party have yet to comment on the accusations. Take a listen to both tracks below to come to your own conclusion:

[H/T: SBS]

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