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EDM.com Spotlight

NYMZ of Milo & Otis Releases "Bingbong 2.0" And Introduces New LA-Based Streetwear Brand

It is hard to find a club or festival that NYMZ hasn’t already made his mark on while touring as the canine in the trap duo Milo & Otis. His influence on modern dance music has spread wide and far from his hometown scene in LA to taking over the American South at 2014’s TomorrowWorld. While Milo & Otis’ success continues to rise, NYMZ has found time to elevate his solo work and further define his place in hip-hop based dance music.

The next stop on this journey is the release of a refreshed version of the seminal tune “Bingbong.” The original track got its roots as an unlikely remix but sprouted into one of the most recognizable tracks in trap music. “I was just doing a remix of a top 10 Beatport house song. I had the track all chopped up and then started doing weird stuff. All of a sudden that sound came along and I realized I didn’t want to do a remix anymore, so I deleted all the parts and made ‘Bingbong,’” explains NYMZ.

“Bingbong” is one of the first tracks that NYMZ produced in his early career and its success was a big surprise to the producer. He claims to have not liked it, but “everyone else [did],” so after a couple of years in rotation, the track finally saw an official release on Mad Decent’s 2014 “What is a Jeffree?” compilation.

Now, years later, NYMZ feels that it is time for the world to experience the full potential of the track with “Bingbong 2.0.” With the upgrade, “you can still tell its the stems from ‘Bingbong’ but it’s the crazier, more hyped version.” The track does indeed have a much bigger sound than the original and offers “something fresh so everyone can play it without it being the same thing,” states NYMZ.

You can expect to see the producer/DJ flourish in 2015 with tons of huge projects that will keep his solo project in constant progression. “I have an EP that I want to release this year. I’m [also] doing a collab with Flosstradamus,” states NYMZ. The Floss collab is slated to come out in a few months and many more collaborations are in the works.

We know you can’t wait for the NYMZ EP, so, in anticipation, now is your chance to take a little bit of the trap entity home with you while you wait on the new tunes. In celebration of “Bingbong” and the NYMZ streetwear brand, a commemorative long-sleeve T has just hit the racks. Make sure to grab one so the kids at school can identify you as a G.


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