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EDM.com Spotlight

Staff Picks: 5 Favorite Songs of the Week Vol. 15

Every week, a member of the EDM.com team collects a list of their favorite tracks from the last week. This week, John Cameron has selected five listen-worthy tracks that span both vastly different ends of the house music spectrum because, as he says, “house is where the heart is.” From dark, introspective tech house to upbeat, anthemic electro house, this week’s edition of Staff Picks will explore the famous four-four beat in all its versatile wonder.

KSHMR - I Want To Feel

Sound design mastermind KSHMR succeeds in blending genres in “I Want To Feel,” a track that combines the high-energy buildup-drop scheme of progressive house with the deep, resonant organ synths characteristic of future house. The unconventional fusion actually works, and may well mark a stylistic tangent that could grow in popularity over the coming months. Tastemakers could undoubtedly seek ways to give it the kind of mass appeal it deserves as the future house movement snowballs into the mainstream spotlight. 

Of Norway Ft. Linnea Dale - Spirit Lights (Adriatique Remix) 

Adriatique’s penchant for cerebral tech house has put them in DJ booths across the world. However, their deep house spin on Of Norway’s “Spirit Lights” takes on more of an organic resonance. Tropical-sounding xylophones form the foundation of the track’s groove, while breathy vocals contributed by Linnea Dale give it an ethereal quality almost reminiscent of early trance.

Julian Calor - Evolve

Having received electro/progressive house superstar and two-year DJ Mag #1 Hardwell’s blessing, Dutch DJ/producer Julian Calor certainly seems poised for a breakthrough in 2015. His latest Revealed Recordings release, “Evolve,” features all the hallmarks of a definitive electro/progressive track: engaging vocals, meticulous sound design, and a strong, driving bass drop. Calor has obviously honed in on his sound, and his name will be one to look out for as festival season approaches.

Greg Van Bueren - U Don’t Stop

Stylistically, Greg Van Bueren’s “U Don’t Stop” is just about as house as it gets. The upbeat tempo, funky synth work and fanciful vocal sample give it the hallmarks of a tried-and-true, four-on-the-floor dance beat. The only experimental factor is the gravelly synth lead after the peak, which sounds somewhat like the melodies made popular by future house artists like Tchami and Oliver Heldens.

DREWXHILL - Bullets (Stimming Remix)

Hamburg DJ/producer Stimming’s dissonant take on London pop duo DREWXHILL’s celebrated single “Bullets” evokes imagery of a musty warehouse full of smoke swirls frozen in shafts of light like marble columns strewn around ancient ruins. The original’s dreamy vocals sound more like an apparition’s musings in the remix, gradually building layers. The groove, while probably not ideal for a festival stage, give it the kind of after-hours appeal that once defined the rave scene.

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