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Do Androids Dance Merges With Complex

The EDM blog Do Androids Dance has officially announced the end of their two year existence. Rich Antoniello is the CEO of Do Androids Dance’s parent company, Complex Media, and stated that although this is the end of the blog, this isn’t the end of their EDM coverage. Antoniello finds that “EDM has cross-pollinated with hip hop, it's a lifestyle topic now. It didn't make sense to keep covering it on this stand-alone, narrow vertical. We wanted that traffic to contribute to Complex. We didn't let anyone go, they're all going to keep writing for us, so it's more of a merger."

Complex has always done well with their hip hop content, and although dance music has seen major popularity as of late, Antoniello attests that it is still a more challenging topic to wrangle. However, because EDM culture is so unique, it is compelling enough of a realm to be merged within the rest of Complex’s music news.

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Cover Image via Do Androids Dance

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