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Disney Releases 'Tomorrowland' Movie Trailer

The name "Tomorrowland" has many different meanings. To the global dance music community,Tomorrowland is the name of Belgium’s iconic three-day festival that draws over 400,000 attendees in late July. For others, the name "Tomorrowland" might be in reference to the themed amusement park at Disney’s Disneyland or Walt Disney World. And soon, the name Tomorrowland might be referring to the movie, which will be released in theaters May 22nd.

Disney has had an interesting relationship with dance music this past year. Most notably, Disney has carried out a notorious legal battle against the progressive house maestro, deadmau5, regarding trademark issues over deadmau5’s iconic mau5head. Now, with their forthcoming movie Tomorrowland expected to hit theaters soon, Tomorrowland festival promoter ID&T may prevent Disney from releasing the film under the name "Tomorrowland" in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The tense relationship between Disney and ID&T isn’t new, as Disney barred ID&T from using the name Tomorrowland in the US because of a previously filed trademark and forced the promoters to rebrand their festival into TomorrowWorld.

Now, Disney has just released the trailer for their forthcoming movie Tomorrowland, which you can check out below. With Disney continuing onwards with the use of the name "Tomorrowland," it seems a quick resolution between the two parties is not to be expected.

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