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EDM.com Spotlight

EDMofy Publishes Extremely Racist Top 15 List

Although EDMofy is an electronic dance music blog based out of Goa, India, there is no denying that their 15 Annoying Things Indians Do At Music Festivals list is completely uncalled for. From calling out the newly formed selfie-stick trend to poking fun at various music festival chants, this list is both ridiculous and unwarranted. The electronic dance music community is fundamentally designed to embody the notions of peace, love, unity, and respect, and this list is anything but a representation of the EDM community.

The EDMofy article tries to play the list off as comical wordplay, yet fails miserably: “Here in this article, we have made an effort to congregate such awkward, annoying yet incredibly hilarious moments and things we experience while attending an EDM concert!” The racist list adheres to a Buzzfeed style layout, including a handful of gifs that unsuccessfully reach their goal of being funny. 

Overall, this list accomplishes just one objective of taking about twenty steps back as far as racial equality in the modern world goes. You can check out the full list through EDMofy here.

[H/T: EDMofy]

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