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Endymion Reveals New Record Label Nightbreed [Interview]

Hard genre supergroup Endymion has been around for years. They have rocked stages at the biggest hard festivals in the world, from the main stage at Qlimax to the Belgian fields of Tomorrowland. They have produced some of the most iconic tracks in the Hardcore scene, but today, they are sharing an exciting piece of news with us! We spoke to Endymion about the next big step in their career.

(EDM = Alan Mandel ; E = Endymion)

EDM: Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us - what’s good?

E: You’re welcome! We are doing very well, thanks. Life is a bit hectic at the moment, but we can’t complain. 

EDM: Great! So, I hear you have some exciting news that you want to share with everyone! Why don’t you go ahead and tell us about your new label.

E: Yes we do. This week we are announcing our brand new raw hardstyle label: Nightbreed Records! After releasing on some of the biggest labels we thought this was the right moment to create our own platform.

EDM: Tell us about the label. What do you envision for it?

E: The main goal for the label is to release original, high quality music. We aim to release raw hardstyle music that is different that the stuff that is already out there. For us it’s important to bring something new to the table. Most raw hardstyle is based around aggressive screeches and loud kicks. We will try to add a bit more music to that. Give songs emotion without sounding too euphoric.

EDM: Who do you have on board?

E: At the moment we have signed High Voltage and Bass Chaserz to the label. High Voltage is a well known name in the raw hardstyle scene. Bass Chaserz is a very talented duo we recently discovered. Besides these 2 names we are very close to signing 2 other artists to the label. They are very talented producers with their own sound.

EDM: What are the first couple of releases?

E: The first release is by Endymion & High Voltage, 'About To Get Raw.' After that we’ll release new music by Bass Chaserz and a collab from Endymion & Phuture Noize.

EDM: Great! Sounds like quite the lineup already. 

E: Thanks, it’s exciting! We hope to receive a lot of demos when we announce the label. Maybe we’ll discover some new talented producers for future Nightbreed releases.

EDM: Sounds very exciting indeed! As I understand it, you guys are taking the Endymion project in the direction of Raw Hardstyle/Rawstyle. Why is that?

E: We have been producing tracks in the range of 150 / 155 bpm for a while now, and those tracks gave us the most satisfaction in the studio. Making music is a creative process - so you have to make what you feel. And right now, this feels amazing. We feel we are more creative when we produce these kind of tracks. 

EDM: Are you planning to step away from hardcore fully, or just change your focus?

E: At the moment we’ll focus on raw hardstyle. We’ve been all over the place for a while now. And now we found our path and we are destined to follow it. But hardcore has been a big part of our career. We never say never. But for now, we’ll focus on Nightbreed Records.

EDM: Even though you guys are shifting styles, can we still expect the occasional gabbermovie from your travels?

E: Who knows. We never planned the gabbermovies. So we don’t know when and where we’ll record another one. Maybe we should think of something else that is just as funny?

EDM: What can we expect from your performances now?

E: A lot of new Endymion music and the best stuff we have from Nightbreed Records. Our performances have always been very energetic, so we will continue doing that.

EDM: Do you have any big gigs planned for the year?

E: Yes we do, but a lot of them have not been announced yet. Reverze in Belgium is a big one, which will happen on the 28th of February. For more tour dates, people can check out our Facebook page.  

EDM: What other styles of music do you have experience with, other than harder genres? 

E: We are helping out some very talented EDM artists. But we mainly help out on the technical side. It’s fun to do. A studio day is never the same for us.

EDM: How many hours a week do you spend in the studio?

E: 5 days a week is the minimum. But when ever we have deadlines, we make longer days or spend our weekends in the studio as well.

EDM: What does your studio look like?

E: It’s very different than a couple of years ago. We’ve sold most of our hardware synthesizer. Of course we kept our Virus Ti, because that is a monster. But there are some amazing software synthesizers out there these days.

EDM: What advice would you give to a novice harder genre producer?

E: Try to make something that doesn’t exist yet. A lot of people copy big artists. But those big artists are already making that kind of music. Add something new, and you might get noticed. Oh and don’t forget, send us your demo -  we are always looking for talent!

EDM: How long have you been producing?

E: Long before the euro was introduced. We have a lot of experience, and we can’t wait to share this with new talented producers on our label.

EDM: What is the craziest experience you’ve had in your entire career?

E: It’s always hard to pick one, because we’ve had SO many crazy experiences! But playing in a nuclear bunker 60 meter below the ground in Moscow is definitely something we won’t forget soon.

EDM: Thanks, Endymion! Great chatting - best of luck with the new label! You can be sure that you will hear all the releases on our Hardstyle channel.

E: Thanks for the support guys!

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