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Miley Cyrus Has Started A Revolution In Ravewear

Rave culture, once an underground institution relegated to dingy nightclubs, has now officially crossed over to the mainstream culture in America. From Hot Topic selling rave attire kandi to Workaholics including a baby shower rave scene, the rave concept is no longer something hardcore dance fans can claim as their own. Miley Cyrus may have helped launch rave attire to an entirely new level of popularity when she revealed her tailor-made kandi earrings and clothing designs during New York Fashion Week last September.

In the months past, it seems as if a number of clothing brands have attempted to carve out their own piece of Cyrus' rave-inspired pie. Her kandi earrings are particularly a huge hit, with clothing lines Nasty Girl creating their own kandi earring fashion pieces. Cyrus never released her kandi earrings, and Nasty Girl is clearly working to take advantage of the newly-emerged rave clothing market. 

Watch Miley Cyrus debut her Dirty Hippy clothing line with Jeremy Scott below:

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Cover photo credit: Miley Cyrus 

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