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Spor Speaks On The Motive Of New Album ‘Caligo’

UK producer Jon Gooch has illuminated the return of his drum n’ bass moniker Spor after a prolonged hiatus. The multimedia artist, also known under his Feed Me persona, revealed his recommencement of Spor by announcing a seven-stop UK tour and a forthcoming album, Caligo. The new record will embrace his distinctive wicked bass and enigmatic resonance, destined to satisfy drum n’ bass devotees. Reflective of the producer’s integrity and natural principles, the album will be released on his own imprint Sotto Voce.

Gooch expressed his dedication and passion for bringing his alias back in a statement to his fans online. The well-respected sound designer disclosed Caligo will be available through BitTorrent on March 9:

“Having the Spor album live as a self-sufficient shared container via Bittorrent, something that's everywhere and nowhere at the same time, replicating and spreading - embodies the nature of Spor. It's my underground self.”

Furthermore, the producer defended humble creativity and identified his challenges and purpose behind the return of Spor. Read the full statement below:   

Caligo will also be on iTunes and Beatport on March 11.

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