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EDM.com Spotlight

Boise State EDM Club Aims to Provide Resources to Industry Newcomers

Two Boise State University freshmen named Cae Odell and Skyler Stack have founded Boise State EDM Club, an on-campus group focused on teaching about various EDM-related topics through a series of workshops. From lighting and DJ tutorials to safe party etiquette seminars, Odell and Stack intend to provide the university’s dance music fans with resources on all things EDM.

“[EDM] is a very hard industry to get into,” Stack told The Arbiter. “Not everyone has [the] opportunity to know where to get started. That’s what we feel we’re providing to Boise State; an ambassador to bring people into electronic music and serve as that kind of mediator.”

In addition to pursuing collaborations with organizations like DanceSafe and Bunk Police, Odell and Stack are also working towards an arrangement with Boise State in which the university will offer students credit hours for the activities they participate in. The club’s first event will take the form of an EDM career night which will focus on record labels, event management, concert production, and DJing.

[H/T: The Arbiter]

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