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Classixx Reinterprets Janet Jackson For New Remix

In many ways, the music of the Jackson family precipitated electronic dance music. Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and other members of the family collaborated with producers who often used electronics to create pop smashes. In a love letter to the Jackson days, dance duo Classixx have remixed the Janet Jackson track "Pleasure Principle" as a free download.

Classixx base their remix off producer Shep Pettibone's version of the track, and update it with their nu-disco production style. The end result is fantastic, turning the original dancefloor hit into a lo-fi, bedroom-ready remix. Classixx releases have been far and few between since the release of their 2013 album Hanging Gardens, and this remix serves to whet our appetites for future Classixx tracks. 

Listen to and download "Pleasure Principle (Classixx Recovery Mix)" below: 

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Cover photo credit: Classixx

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