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KaZantip Festival Temporarily Cancelled Due to “Sexy Activities”

The World-famous KaZantip festival recently came under scrutiny from Cambodian officials that nearly resulted in the cancellation of this year’s event. Organizers of the annual festival were forced to relocate numerous times in recent years - the latest of which was a result of the event’s sordid reputation among conservative government officials.

KaZantip took place on the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine through 2013, but relocated to Anaklia, Georgia for its 2014 installment. It only took one year for the event’s organizers to wear out their welcome with Georgian officials, prompting them to plan for the 2015 edition to take place on the Koh Puos island in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. However, due to the circulation of stories about illicit substances and rampant nudity, it was almost cancelled altogether.


Announcing that the event would be banned, Provincial Governor Chhit Sokhom said, “We have seen through social networks that this festival has a lot of sexy activities including sexy dancing, having sex in public and gambling.” 

One week later, he announced that the festival would be allowed to go on as long as organizers restricted certain behaviors. “However, there needs to be condititions to avoid indecency, drug use, gambling and people walking in the nude,” he explained.

As planned, KaZantip will take place on February 18th and continue until February 28th. The festival has traditionally taken on the theme of a virtual republic called the “Z-Nation” with its own fanciful constitution. Performances by M.A.N.D.Y., Alex Kidd and several more round out this year’s lineup.

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