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EDM.com Spotlight

Proposed Las Vegas Tax Could Raise EDC Vegas Ticket Prices

Music festivals cost a pretty penny, but they funnel millions of dollars to the cities that host them. This impact represents the music festival industry's greatest bastion against naysayers and has helped festivals such as Ultra Music Festival remain viable despite controversies. Despite this contribution, some state governments have argued a tax on music festivals.

Las Vegas Governor Brian Sandoval has proposed new tax legislation that would affect any events held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, including EDC Vegas. This entertainment tax, proposed by Sandoval in an effort to fund new education legislation, would raise tickets prices to satisfy the tax. EDC Vegas tickets rise a little bit year by year, and this proposed legislation would only add to the increasing ticket prices. 

Assemblyman Erv Nelson said the following on the issue:

"I presume that when someone goes to a NASCAR race and buys a shirt or a hat they are assessed a tax on that. But there's no tax on the admission.

Debates have begun, but a vote on the issue has yet to occur. 

Watch the EDC Vegas 2015 trailer below:

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