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EDM.com Spotlight

Cedric Gervais Teases Gwen Stefani Collaboration, Opens Up About Tyga Dispute

In an interview with Mr. Wavvy, French DJ/producer and recent Interscope Records signee Cedric Gervais talked about his new podcast, My House, and divulged the details of some of his more interpersonal affairs. Among other topics, Gervais echoed the sentiments of countless industry-leading artists by expressing plans to return to house music.

Most notably, he announced plans to work with pop icon Gwen Stefani on a track. “[Interscope] definitely wants me to do something, featuring me [with Stefani],” Gervais said. “It’s actually a song I have ready to go. Interscope and Polydor in the UK are trying to find somebody big for the song.”

Gervais also revisited Tyga’s illegal release of a song sampling his 2013 release, “Molly,” under the same name. “They stole my song,” he said flatly, “then they put my name on it, thinking that it would be okay.” He and Mr. Wavvy continued with commentary on Cash Money Records’ unsavory business practices.

Listen to the first episode of the My House podcast here.

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