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KaZantip Festival Cancelled for Good for “Indecent Tourism”

After a hot-and-cold relationship with organizers of the world-famous KaZantip Festival, Cambodian authorities have officially announced that the festival, which was scheduled to kick off today, will be cancelled for good. One official cited “indecent tourism” for the cancellation, and military police have been deployed to the bridge connecting the Koh Puos island to the mainland.

“Provincial authorities have totally canceled the Kazantip concert on Koh Puos and now we have deployed our forces to block [the bridge],” said Provincial Governor Chhin Seng Nguon. “Our principal focus is on ecotourism and cultural tourism and we don’t need indecent tourism.”

Kazantip’s organizers have made no official statements about the cancellation, but have updated their website with a vague announcement interpreted by many as plans to reschedule this year’s installment, which they’ve dubbed “Z-23.” A brief message on the homepage reads, “I hope no one doubts that the Republic is able to move in space rapidly and create colonies within a few months.”

While the annual event took place on the Crimean Peninsula from 1992-2013, civil unrest in Ukraine forced them to relocate to Georgia in 2014. Protests of attendees’ unbridled behavior by Georgian religious groups kept KaZantip from returning to Georgia in 2014 and began its recent history of tense relations with government officials of different nations. The festival's theme playfully paints it as a sovereign nation with its own constitution and guiding principles, and its reputation for fostering gambling, nudity and all-night benders has garnered considerable worldwide media attention throughout its 22-year history. EDM.com will provide additional information on KaZantip as it surfaces.

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