EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Virtual Riot Shatters The Mold With 'Nightmare' EP

This groundbreaking release catapults Virtual Riot into dubstep's upper-echelon.

Still flying high from the success of his We're Not Alone EP, Germany's prime minister of dubstep is once again stealing the show at the annual bass music summit. Just when you were convinced that Virtual Riot had pushed this genre to its absolute limit, he valiantly returns with a four-track production that is sure to sweep you clear off your feet. Venturing into previously unexplored territory - while also staying true to his trademark style - the Nightmare EP provides eager audiophiles everywhere with an unbeatable blend of both heavy and heartwarming compositions. It's a truly irreplaceable experience.

With expectations now higher than they had ever been before, it suddenly felt as if there was an immense amount of pressure resting on Virtual Riot's shoulders. Well, lucky for us, he did not disappoint. The EP's opening tune, titled "Carrier," whips your booty into shape with its sturdy percussion and Habstrakt-like groans. Following that up, the cutthroat title track gets a much-needed boost from Splitbreed on the vocals. He absolutely slays it.

As for the final two songs, "Warm-ups" is an extremely bouncy bass shindig and "Different World" is more of a melodic dubstep ear-cradler. Grab yourself a fresh copy of Virtual Riot's Nightmare EP here or just keep the SoundCloud stream below on repeat. Either way, everyone is a winner.

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