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Avicii Returns from Hiatus to Play Future Music Festival

Back in September, Swedish progressive house icon Avicii announced that he would be canceling his remaining tour dates due to an operation necessary to treat his acute pancreatitis. However, the hiatus has been lifted and he will return to the stage for Future Music Festival with a series of new tracks to showcase ready to be played out.

Avicii’s health issues began to make headlines around March of 2014, when doctors encouraged him to get his gallbladder removed. Despite the need for time off, he claims to have spent his time off from touring productively. “I took a break for six months and there’s a lot of stuff from the last six months that I haven’t even played yet, which I’m excited and nervous about,” he told inthemix. Several of the unrelased tracks will appear on his new album, which will feature somewhere in the ballpark of 60 collaborators.

The young artist also spoke about plans to play on the festival’s Supernova stage, whose designer, James Klein, was responsible for Ultra Music Festival’s 2013 main stage. “It looks really next level compared to the stuff I’ve done before, which was already next level,” he said.

Future Music Festival starts in Sydney on Saturday, February 28 and extends through Monday, March 9. Check out the artist renderings for the Supernova stage below:

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