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EDM.com Spotlight

Snapchat Update Allows Users To Take Video Without Interrupting Music

Snapchat is making strides in the music industry, as the popular smartphone app has officially improved one of its core features. Before this must-needed update, Snapchat users across the globe were subject to "killing the vibe" as they awkwardly took silent Snapchat videos while aux'ed in. Manning the auxiliary cord is a crucial job, and pausing the music for the sake of recording an 11-second video might just get you tossed out of the car. 

Thanks to the new update, users can take Snapchat videos without interrupting your music playing on your smartphone. In recent efforts, Snapchat has evolved from a single-use smartphone app to a multi-dimensional social networking platform. As a result, the music industry has utilized the developing app as a means of further connecting the artist and the fans.

Electronic DJ/producers of all genres make use of the app by documenting their daily shenanigans. EDM.com’s 26 DJ Snapchats You Should Follow list highlights a handful of DJs who are notorious for their comical Snapchat stories. Snapchat also partnered with CNN, Time, Buzzfeed, Vice, and more to introduce their Discover feature, which gives users a quick catch up on what’s going on in the world.

In terms of home-made music videos, we can only imagine the plethora of music videos that is to come. If you have yet to download the latest update, iOS users can visit the App store here

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