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EDM.com Spotlight

Spor Releases New Album 'Caligo' Early Due To Leak

Jon Gooch was forced to officially release his new Spor album Caligo after the record leaked three weeks early. The multi-talented producer took a short break from his alter ego Feed Me to bring back some Spor influenced drum and bass. Fans were not only excited that Jon was making music under his alias Spor again, but also the fact the album was a passion project where supporters may choose how much they pay, if at all.

Although the original release date for Caligo was set for March 9, Jon and BitTorrent were fully prepared for an earlier launch of the album. Spor took to reddit to unveil the albums new release date and when questioned about the leak he handled it well.  

I anticipated this happening, no matter how hard I worked to prevent it. As a result, we were fully prepared, and the full release of my album Caligo will launch in about 17 minutes, hence beginning this AMA a little early (also this is getting busy)... It’s impossible not to be really attached to something you’ve worked on for so long, I really do appreciate the unity. That said – I’m not one to dwell, and I’ve got the best team and management in the world, as well as BitTorrent fully behind us, so it’s also been humbling watching them all react so quickly."

Fans of Jon Gooch will know he’s an artist at heart. The download of Caligo through BitTorrent includes several artist sketch pieces, official photos and some bonus tracks. Enjoy the release here:


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