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EDM.com Spotlight

Madden, FIFA, and Others Strive to Offer Music Streaming Service

Video games and music come hand-in-hand, and EA Sports titles like MaddenFIFA, and others have proven to be incredible tastemakers over the past decade. Their soundtracks introduce players to a wide variety of music, ranging from hip-hop to EDM to rock. Their yearly release format also ensures the music remains up to date, and it seems as if EA wants to keep users even more updated on the latest artists and songs. 

In an interview with ESPN, EA Sports music team head Steve Schnur revealed that the company was currently weighing the option of including a streaming service in their video games. While specific details were not mentioned, the interview gave insight into the company's awareness of music streaming's power and how it could revolutionize their titles' soundtracks. This reveal comes shortly after Sony's news that the company would partnering with Spotify for its own streaming service. 

Watch the Madden "Madden Season" trailer below:

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