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EDM.com Spotlight

JNCO Looks To Make A Comeback

Those that witnessed the reign of JNCO jeans in the early 90s will remember how drastically raver fashion has changed over the years.  The denim brand's signature extra-wide leg style have struggled fitting in this new world of skinny jeans, but the brand is now aiming to remain relevant. Preliminary samples of their new collection suggest that the brand will be focusing on more modern trends like flat bill hats and graphic tees, but the brand's Twitter suggests that a #tbt edition of the wide-leg jeans will be in the works as well. 

Their website notes, "We have been busy creating a new empire. Are you ready to join us on our new adventure?" Many notable figures are willing to take them up on the offer. Everyone from Rihanna to Hulk Hogan have been repping the jeans, and they recently got an endorsement from Victoria Beckham as well. 

Whether or not JNCO jeans will reclaim their title as the counter-culture's most essential accessory is yet to be determined, but you can bet we'll be on the lookout for the extra wide jeans during festival season. 


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