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EDM.com Spotlight

EDM Culture Brand of the Month: BAD Kids Collective

There's a lot more to the rave scene than just the music, and the NYC-native lifestyle brand Bad Kids Collective is effectively pushing EDM culture beyond the limit. That's why on Saturday, February 21, BAD Day Club will feature a lot more than just DJs - it's gonna take performance art, lighting, and even the community aspect of EDM to the next level as well.

The BKC's taste in music is clear as day to anyone who checks out their hit-heavy playlists, and they've enlisted quite the lineup for their first 2015 event. Elephante and The Disco Fries are headlining the rager, which takes place at Stage 48 in NYC, and every ticket holder gets to experience the after party at Pacha NYC where none other than Oliver Heldens will be playing. Check out their trailer to the event below:

In addition to party-driven headliners, Scratch Academy will also be showing up to teach partygoers how to spin, and DanceSafe, who has made a major splash in the EDM world, will be raising awareness about the risks associated with certain parts of the party lifestyle. Team Kitty Koalition and The Dream Lab will provide dancers and other performance art for the party, and DUBS Acoustic Filters will even ensure that attendees' eardrum damage remains minimal throughout the festivities.

A true collective in every sense of the word, BKC has piled quite a lot more into their agenda for the rest of the year. The most noteworthy aspect of their event this Saturday will be the unveiling their spring clothing line. As described by their lead designer Kayla Colby:

“The collection is fun, colorful, electric and will remind those loyal to Bad Kids of our roots and brand ethos. The careful combination of Bad Kids-inspired designs and dance music sayings and phrases, makes for a robust set that will be sure to grace the presence of major upcoming festivals this year on both guys and girls.”

As long a history as the NYC scene has, it says something about the city that a new kid on the block - or Bad Kid on the block, as it were - can pull together enough dedicated beat junkies to make waves. Don't miss out on BAD Day Club, the Collective's first big event of 2015, and look out for their awesome new clothing line here.

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