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EDM.com Spotlight

Flume Leaves The Duo 'What So Not'

Darkness fell over the EDM community when Flume announced that he would be departing from the Australian future trap group What So Not. The duo, which comprised of Flume and Emoh Instead, started to hit their stride in late 2013 and 2014 with several big releases and a huge nationwide tour alongside Skrillex. Lately, Emoh Instead soley represented the group in live performances while Flume worked on his solo career, and it appears as though that is now the only option for any future WSN endeavors. 

Flume cites that the two have moved in "different directions creatively," and the project has no more fuel to burn. The last original notes of WSN will be released as their much-anticipated debut EP, which will feature collaborations with Skrillex and the iconic classic rockers TOTO

Although Flume asserts that the project will live on without him, it is safe to say that What So Not, as we know it, is not longer. You can read Flume's letter of depature below:

Shed a tear with us while we revisit some of What So Not's finest material: 



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