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The Guvernment Night Club Is Gone But Will Be Reborn

The Guvernment Entertainment Complex in Toronto marked its ending with the #guvfinale series in January. Charles Khabouth is the chief executive and founder of INK Entertainment; the company behind The Guvernment Entertainment Complex, Cabana Pool Bar, Uniun, Cube, VELD Music Festival and many more. The roaring energy inside The Guvernment will be missed, but an ending always marks a new beginning.

“Were going to renovate Sound Academy where Cabana [Pool Bar] is to replace The Guvernment and that will be immediate in the next year. I hope that this will be the next generation of what The Guvernment would look like,” says Khabouth. Our renovation program is not about renovating bathrooms, bars, and installing a new sound. Its about building what would look, sound, and act like a 2020 venue. We want it to be the mecca of all clubs in the country, and a place that people would fly from all over the world to seeHowever,” Khabouth adds, my eyes are on this location that, if I can get through the city approvals, what I want to build as probably the most unique venue in the world. Ive been to maybe fifty percent of the world, maybe not all of it,” Khabouth smiles. He is known to be an avid world traveller.

“It would be three to four years away, but it would definitely be…” Khabouth pauses. “I do have the location and I have the space, but it will be a few years before we can get that job done because it is very, very large and very, very unique. It’s transforming a space that has been dormant for 50 years into, at that point, a 2050 kind of space; because the new generation of The Guvernment at Sound Academy is [so far] probably the most unique space happening in this country.” Charles, frequently referred to as ‘The Man with the Midas Touch’, is notorious when it comes to materializing his vision; as evident with the execution of countless hospitality projects in Toronto, Montreal and Las Vegas. 

“It excites me knowing that there’s so many people out there that have met at The Guvernment over its years, and that have learned about electronic music at The Guvernment, and gone onto life with great things,” Khabouth says. The Guvernment has been a gem in Toronto’s nightlife over the past 18 years; from debuting a DJ career for Deadmau5 in a crowd of under 250 people, to privately holding Mick Jagger’s 50th birthday party. Fortunately, exciting years are head for the city of Toronto.

Check out Deadmau5 closing out the The Guvernment on its final night below: 

Written by: Bora Yun

Cover Photo by: Jason Yee


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