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Kenya Residents Choose Their Bus Based On Music

Nairobi’s minibus taxis combine graffiti influenced artwork with music and icons that are currently popular to reflect the nation’s cultural ebb and flow. Known as Manatus, the bus is an artistic display of music. This interesting means of transportation has no set timetables for passenger pick up, and only leaves its stop when the bus is completely full.

Choosing a bus is not based on your personal destination, but rather the aesthetics of great artwork and fantastic music. The better the music, the faster the bus fills, which means the quicker the bus can actually reach its destination.

This eccentric way of being transported offers opportunities for those who aspire to DJ, as they are a great channel for broadcasting budding talent. If timeliness and destination are not an issue for you, manatus seems to be the most appropriate way to make your way to the club.

[H/T BBC News]

Cover image via BBC News

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