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Hailing from Washington, D.C., Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom are pioneers of moombahton as well as the forces behind Nadastrom. Exploring sounds beyond moombahton, the duo have produced as self-titled album that will be released on Friends of Friends. The album draws influences from the duo’s lives both in and out of the music space, with Nada stating “it’s kinda why we self-titled, its, because it’s more or less a reflection of all our influences that’s been going on.” Expect house and pop foundations for a number of tracks within the entire production, in addition to “early experimentations of moombahton.”

Additionally, a number of guest vocalists are featured on the LP adding to the flavor of the album overall. Nada attests that “It’s a bit of a deviation from what we’re most popular for,” reflecting a desire to stray from routine soundscapes that have allowed artists to easily reap success in this scene. Creating an entire subgenre is no small feat, and being able to produce music that transcends those sounds just means that Nadastrom is a music force to be reckoned with. Nadastrom is in the midst of a North American tour, with the dates outlined below:

2/20 @ Pattern Bar - Los Angeles, CA
2/22 @ Steam Miami - Miami, FL
2/26 @ Output - Brooklyn, NY
3/4 @ Whiskey Bar - Portland, OR
3/7 @ U Street Music Hall - Washington, DC
3/12 @ Arc Nightclub & Lounge - Boston, MA
3/14 @ The Loft at Skyware Theatre - Minneapolis, MN
3/20 @ Bar Smith - Phoenix, AZ
3/26 @ Coda - Philadelphia, PA
4/4 @ Evil Olive - Chicago, IL

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