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EDM.com Spotlight

10 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 43

For the first time in 'DDD' history, all 10 songs come directly from our EDM.com archives

10. Subceptron - Takedown

After pulling every string available in my attempts to get Subceptron onto our competitive weekly countdown, my efforts have finally paid off. I could say better late than never, but in this particular instance, that statement is nothing more than a putrid pile of bullshit. Subceptron might not yet be a household name, but this dubstep hotshot has success written all over him. In addition to recently dishing out his 3K Free EP, this assassin of a producer also rewarded his loyal listeners with "Takedown." Cold-blooded bass music is clearly something this artist knows a thing or two about, so I expect each and every one of you to show these robust drops the respect they deserve. Thank you for your cooperation.

9. Helicopter Showdown & XaeboR - WHO MAD

During dubstep's heyday, it would be challenging to identify a trio that made a greater impact on the genre than Helicopter Showdown. Since then, the squad has grounded their bass chopper and kept most of their new material completely under wraps. As the group gradually makes their return to primetime, they have reached out to some of the freshest faces that the industry has to offer. Known for unleashing monster tune after monster tune, XaeboR seemed like something of a natural fit for a collaboration. Still shaking off the cobwebs from "Jurassic," the thriving musician and Heli Showdown crew do a number on your noggin' with the dicey drops in "WHO MAD." You might need to enroll in some anger management classes after processing this no-nonsense banger.

8. F3tch & Spag Heddy - Spooks

Where to begin with this track? Well, for starters, out of the 11 songs featured on Never Say Die Records' Black Label XL, "Spooks" is arguably the most unique of the bunch. F3tch is a name that many of our readers are still getting acclimated to seeing around - but for those of you that frequently examine this segment, you know damn well that Spag Heddy is way more than just our average regular. The guy might as well pay us for room and board at this point. Okay, perhaps I am exaggerating a slight bit, but these days it's difficult to go a full two weeks without hearing a peep from the tomato bass tyrant. In regards to this quirky collab's drops, they are the perfect combination of both fun and fierce. You do not have to be a bass music brainiac to realize that this sneaky tune is unusually filthy. 

7. Adair & EH!DE - Police Problem

Call in the heavies, because you are going to need some serious reinforcements if you plan on surviving this new Adair & EH!DE production. "Police Problem" will undoubtedly force you to bring in riot control, multiple swat units, and even SEAL Team 6 for your own protection. Having said that, no amount of law enforcement officials or military battalions can save you from the dubstep destruction looming on the horizon. When looking over his illustrious resume, it's fairly obvious that  EH!DE is beyond well-experienced in the field of heavy bass music. Adair, on the other hand, is more comparable to a rookie sensation - but one that possesses the kind of promise we have not seen in ages. Together, these two gentlemen concoct a pair of drops that will rip your ears off, toss them in a frying pan, and burn them entirely to a crisp. Does that sound like your idea of a good time? Because it does to me.

6. D-Jahsta & Rekoil - The Realm of Terror (Rekoil VIP)

Originally released alongside "The Devil," the buzz surrounding "The Realm of Terror" took a little bit of a backseat. Then again, Rekoil definitely knew something that the rest of us did not, because this merciless resurrection of his D-Jahsta tag team effort is absolutely vile. Do not misinterpret what I am saying, because the original version was pretty darn disgusting in the first place, but this VIP literally oozes with that renowned Rekoil sound. Industrial dubstep nowadays may not quite measure up to its old standards, but producers like this one are directly responsible for the subgenre's advancement. The jagged drops in this Rekoil thumper are sure to leave you tasting metal.  

5. Adair & OmegaMode - Revival

Wait a minute, did we just post another Adair track? You are damn right we did, and we did it with good reason too. Rejoining his close buddy OmegaMode in the studio, these two dubstep prodigies have constructed what many are sure to consider one of their largest bass contributions to date - not including "God Code" of course, because that tune is off-the-wall insane. However, "Revival" is without question one of their most jaw-dropping collaborative compositions and a very strong indicator of the unlimited potential that each of these musicians has been blessed with. Between the wicked synth work and second to none sound design, these ruthless drops pack a punch like none other. Remember the names Adair & OmegaMode, because you will definitely be seeing them a lot.

4. Algo & The Greys - Spaceboots Pt. 2

Is there anything Algo cannot do? I mean it. From top to bottom, back to front, this bonafide dubstep bruiser brings the heat wherever he wanders. Following up his outstanding World Of Hurt EP with another substantial release, the Goon EP contains some of the grimiest bass tunes that I have come across in a very, very long time. I advise that you use extra caution when cracking open these four tracks, especially when it comes to "Spaceboots Pt. 2." Littered with beeps, bloops, and every other machine-like noise imaginable to mankind, the surreal soundscape of this menacing thrasher is truly phenomenal. Drops of this caliber should never be taken for granted. Please remember that. Hey Algo, the stage is yours, so show us what you got.

3. Excision - Shadow Flame

For those of you wondering where Excision has been hiding on this week's roundup, you should know by now that we specifically reserve our top spots for OG's like this dubstep carnivore. With Shambhala 2014 victim's blood still dripping from his teeth, X does not waste a breath as he instinctually goes back into battle with the Codename X LP. Embracing his inner SPACE LACES, "Shadow Flame" delivers a loud and clear message to any haters that think this producer has lost a stride. That's just crazy talk. So let's put it to sleep. Excision is, and always will be, heavy bass music's elder statesman. Do not let the hardstyle fake-out throw you, because the drops in this titan of a tune are painfully paralyzing. Talk about a game-changer, this track is all that… and some.

2. P0gman & Creation - W00

When mean bass lines come knocking at my front door, I am always happy to play host. Dirty drops and P0gman have basically become synonymous with one another. Wherever this wild man of a producer strikes, nasty dubstep is bound to be discovered nearby. Relying on some assistance from several of his closest producer buddies, the P0gman & Friends EP is an eight-track adventure straight out of a bass-covered fairy tale. With too many songs to choose from - seriously, both "Make It So" and "Streets" are downright bonkers - it was his hefty collab with Creation that trapped my ears in a holding pattern. I'm wagering that this tune will have a similar effect on you.

1. Excision & Downlink - Robo Kitty

Considering this dubstep tune revolves around robots and kitties, is it really necessary that I provide an explanation as to why it ended up in our coveted #1 position? It's Excision. It's Downlink. It's deadly dubstep - the way deadly dubstep was intended to be. Enjoy my faithful bass minions.

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