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EDM.com Spotlight

Starbucks to End Sales of Physical CDs

Starbucks has announced that they will cease to sell physical CDs in their stores. Part of the international chain’s music marketplace is its own music label, Hear Music, which has released music from artists ranging from Paul McCartney, Sia, and Elvis Costello, and it will also be affected by this change. Although digital sales will continue, physical sales of music will end in March 2015.

Speaking to Billboard about the decision, a representative from Starbucks noted that, "Starbucks continually seeks to redefine the experience in our retail stores to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Music will remain a key component of our coffeehouse and retail experience; however we will continue to evolve the format of our music offerings to ensure we're offering relevant options for our customers. As a leader in music curation, we will continue to strive to select unique and compelling artists from a broad range of genres we think will resonate with our customers."

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