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EDM.com Spotlight

Calvin Harris Becomes Victim Of Leaked Nude Photos

The price of celebrity comes in all shapes and forms, and sometimes that price comes at the personal expense of a celebrity's privacy. Electronic dance music icons have gained mainstream recognition as America embraces the genre, and that exposure has created a fixation on the genre's notable figureheads. Calvin Harris represents one of the genre's most illustrious members, and his fame increases the weight of a new invasion of privacy committed in the producer's life.

An unknown source has leaked several nude photos and one nude video of the producer taken from his Emporio Armani photoshoot. The chart-topping musician has assembled a team of lawyers to fight against the leak, threatening to sue any outlet that posts the photos and video. This leak constitutes one of the most depraved acts committed against an EDM producer yet, and Harris' decision to seek legal help aims to curtail the leaker's attempt to sell the photos and video to influential media outlets.

Appreciate Calvin Harris in an entirely legal fashion by watching his "Summer" music video below:

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