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EDM.com Spotlight

Pandora Launches ‘Artist Messaging’ Service

With the advent of social media platforms like Snapchat and Facebook, artists are able to connect with fans in ways that were never possible before. Snapchat’s most recent updates unveiled their news-sourced “Discover” feature and their highly-anticipated music playing/recording integration function. Facebook has long been a social media channel that has allowed artists to directly connect with fans through announcements and more. To compete with services like Snapchat and Facebook, music streaming service Pandora announced their “Artist Messaging” feature, which gives artists the ability to speak directly to fans through the radio streaming service, much like Snapchat allows.

The service will allow artists to record short announcements regarding things like tour information, new music, or exciting news that will run on playlists based on their music and play on certain pre-selected songs. The service also allows for geo-targeted announcements, as Pandora co-founder, Tim Westergren, explained, “You're in a band and you decide to stop in Portland tomorrow night to play an impromptu show. Pull out your smartphone, log into your Pandora AMP account, zoom into Portland and check out your audience there. And then record a 15-second audio sample that says… we're playing in Portland, we hope to see you there."

Pandora has signed ten artists for a pilot program of their artist messaging service including Lenny Kravitz and Fall Out Boy. Pandora is offering the service as a signal of goodwill towards the artist, not giving Pandora any direct profits.

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